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My name is John at present i am a stay at home dad to two young children ....  i try to educate myself online and at the moment i am doing a online course called ......UT.6.01x Embedded Systems - Shape the World

As i love all things electronic and love learning how they work and try to make some electronic circuts with my limited supplies .... i also have a love of photography mostly enjoy taking nature photos ... and also enjoy playing poker   .....
Main goal is to continue learning about electronics and code and hopefully some day put it to good use .... thankfully with so many sites online there is always somewhere to learn from.
One of the best sites is Lets Make Robots which i am a member of .... this site has lots of great people willing to share there knowledge and offer help and advice to others looking to learn.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The chase swan versus baby duck

Pleased to say the duck chick got away, but it made for a interesting photo.  Swans don't seem to like ducks getting too close and aren't shy in letting them know.


  1. Wow - incredible shot! Glad the baby duck got away!

  2. Excellent Action Photo. It certainly tells the story. The situation feels highly energetic but the faces don't seem to make it seem too threatening.

    Thanks for visting my blog. I like your work here. Keep on exploring the world one day at a time.

  3. I am so happy the little ducky was safe!

    GREAT shot!!

  4. John: Love this shot, really neat.

  5. Hi John: Thank for visiting my Blog.
    Your image of the swam reminded me of the nest I am following now but the eggs have not hatched yet. These swans are very protective of their pond and every time Canadian geese come for a landing they get chased away right away. I will be posting images of these swans in the future.