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My name is John at present i am a stay at home dad to two young children ....  i try to educate myself online and at the moment i am doing a online course called ......UT.6.01x Embedded Systems - Shape the World

As i love all things electronic and love learning how they work and try to make some electronic circuts with my limited supplies .... i also have a love of photography mostly enjoy taking nature photos ... and also enjoy playing poker   .....
Main goal is to continue learning about electronics and code and hopefully some day put it to good use .... thankfully with so many sites online there is always somewhere to learn from.
One of the best sites is Lets Make Robots which i am a member of .... this site has lots of great people willing to share there knowledge and offer help and advice to others looking to learn.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Taken at the Japanese Gardens Kildare ... Swan on lake

Here is a picture of a swan taken at the Japanese Gardens in Kildare.
This link will take you to a map to show you where the picture was taken 
Just trying out google maps want to see can I use it for anything interesting.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Three mallard ducks flying

Here is another picture from the lake in Naas Co. Kildare.  I like this one and hopefully I will take more like it in the coming months only better.  The mallard ducks look lovely and graceful in flight, and they do make an interesting picture when you catch a group of them together flying.

Mallard duck flying over lake

Had a chance yesterday to take some photos unfortunately the weather got bad so I only got about half an hour but I did manage to get some pictures of mallard ducks in flight,  I love pictures of birds flying but they are difficult to take, and I need a bit of practice again as I had my camera settings wrong .
This photo was taken over a lake in Naas Co. Kildare, Its a nice spot, a park with a lake running through it and it has plenty of ducks and swans, and even a few swans on nests at the moment, so maybe shortly I will get some pictures of  baby swans.
The ducks unlike the swans were flying all over the place so I got a few opportunities to try and catch them in flight.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Messing around today and made a calender, if i can figure how to let people download it I'm going to offer it to people free.
Click on photo to see big pic.  If you can print it off feel free to do so but for personal use only.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Horses looking over the fence

Going through my photos tonight and found this one, I liked it but it needed something so after messing around with it for a while I decided to gray scale it and fiddle with the settings and then a tighter crop and now I am happy with it.  I use adobe photoshop 7 for editing pictures .... unfortunately I don't take the best photos I usually have to put them through a editing program to brighten,  sharpen and give them a bit of contrast and I find this programme brilliant for that.
This photo was taken in Kildare, it was evening time and the light had started to fade.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Heron in flight

Love this bird its a pity I don't get a shot like this more often as I love birds in flight pictures, the other reason I like herons is because they remind me of a prehistoric bird.  

The chase swan versus baby duck

Pleased to say the duck chick got away, but it made for a interesting photo.  Swans don't seem to like ducks getting too close and aren't shy in letting them know.

Kildare .... Posing Rooster

This Rooster looks like hes dressed up in his best clothes ready to go out on a important date.  I think he knew I was taking the picture and posed perfectly for me.   I really love the detail of the feathers that showed up. This photo was taken in Kildare Ireland.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Down low for a good shot

These mallard ducks were photographed in Emo Court Co. Laois.  To get this shot I had to lay down on the ground.  And the reason for that was you're not going to get a interesting photo if you are standing up and pointing a camera at them.  By lying down not only are you getting a full body shot but a interesting background to frame them against.  I try whenever possible to get down low for any picture where the subject I am photographing is smaller than me.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Mill House

This picture of the Mill House was taken in Co. Kildare, I thought it looked very striking and had to take a photograph of it.   I love the way the autumn colours give the whole picture a lovely colourful glow.

A golden Autumn Landscape

This autumn landscape was taken in Kildare.  I really love the golden colours that fill the picture, and make it so bright and interesting looking.

Loftus Hall a imposing building

Loftus Hall Fethard-on-sea is an impressive looking building, and no matter how many times I have seen it every time I am down in Fethard-on-sea I have to stop and look at it on my way to visit the Hook Head lighthouse.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tides out on Grange Beach, Fethard-on-sea.

Here is another colourful morning view of Grange beach, Fethard-on-sea.  It really amazes me how different a place can look when you photograph it at different times in different light.  The colours here disappear at a later hour and a photo then would look totally different.

Fog moving off Grange beach, Fethard-on-sea.

Here is another picture of Grange beach, Fethard-on-sea. Taken at different angle and I got low down, there was a slight fog moving off the beach further down and I thought this would make for a interesting picture.

Morning light on Grange beach, Fethard-on-sea

This picture was also taken early in the morning on Grange Beach, Fethard-on-sea.  Again the colours are great a this early hour.  I feel they really give the picture more atmosphere.

Grange beach,fethard-on-sea, Co. Wexford

I got up around 6 in the morning when I was on holidays a few years ago to get the colour of the sunrise on Grange Beach, Fethard-on-sea Co. Wexford.  This photo was taken just as I started to get into photography, and I only had a basic camera.  But still the colour of the beach from the sun rising was fantastic and really gave it a unique and memorable look.

Emily playing on Carnivan beach Fethard-on-sea

My daughter Emily on Carnivan beach, Fethard-on-sea, she loves throwing rocks in the pools of water.  I got down low to take this picture to show off the lovely view of the cliffs and the sea behind her.  

Crashing waves at the Hook Head Lighthouse

The rough seas at the Hook Head Lighthouse make for a beautiful and interesting photo.  There is so much to photograph here .  Close in shots of specific areas can look very dramatic and powerful.

Waves roll in on carnivan beach, Fethard-on-sea

Another picture taken at carnivan beach Fethard-on-sea Co. Wexford.  This beach is a lovely spot for taking pictures.  And at different times of the day and season the colour of the light can transform your picture making pictures of the same area look totally different.

Rainbow over the cliffs of Carnivan beach

This photo was taken at Carnivan beach Fethard-on-sea Co. Wexford.  We just had a light shower of rain on what was a sunny evening at the beach, and the colours of the evening sun with the rainbow made for a lovely picture.  This is one of the many beautiful beaches in Fethard-on-sea.