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My name is John at present i am a stay at home dad to two young children ....  i try to educate myself online and at the moment i am doing a online course called ......UT.6.01x Embedded Systems - Shape the World

As i love all things electronic and love learning how they work and try to make some electronic circuts with my limited supplies .... i also have a love of photography mostly enjoy taking nature photos ... and also enjoy playing poker   .....
Main goal is to continue learning about electronics and code and hopefully some day put it to good use .... thankfully with so many sites online there is always somewhere to learn from.
One of the best sites is Lets Make Robots which i am a member of .... this site has lots of great people willing to share there knowledge and offer help and advice to others looking to learn.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hook Head Lighthouse Portrait

Here is another picture of the Hook Lighthouse.  Me and my family go Holidaying in Fethard on Sea most years and we always visit the Hook lighthouse.  You also have the opportunity to climb to the top of the lighthouse as they have guided tours. 

Hook Head Lighthouse

Hook Head Lighthouse, located at Fethard-on-sea, Co. Wexford.  This is a fantastic place to visit and a great place to get a good photograph, it even looks better if the weather is bad as the rough seas are even more impressive then.  
For more information on Hook Head Lighthouse  and Fethard-on-sea.
  Click Here.                                            

Monday, March 30, 2009

Water hen feeding

A baby Water Hen feeding.  This picture of a water hen was taken in the Japanese Gardens in Co. Kildare.  They are hard to get close too to get a photo of, but a zoom lens helps.

Swan turning eggs

Swan turning eggs was taken in the Japanese gardens in Co. Kildare.  I think I was very lucky to get such a interesting photo like this one.  Swans really put a lot of effort into taking care of their eggs and looking after their nests.

White owl close up

Here is a closer view of a white owl in flight, also taken at the bird show in Emo court.  It really is a beautiful bird.

White owl in flight.

White owl in flight.  This picture was also taken in Emo Court, there was a bird show on and I managed to get this picture when we were being shown how owls hunt.  

Mallard duck taking flight

Picture of a  Mallard duck taking flight.  This picture of a duck in flight was also photographed in Emo Court, Emo, Co. Laois.  Emo has a lovely lake with lots of ducks and some swans, making it a very nice place to go to take a picture.

Swan taking flight

Swan taking flight.  This is one of my favourite pictures it was taken in Emo Court, Emo, Co.Laois.  I had been trying  for ages to get a picture of a swan in flight but they rarely took flight when I was around, but as luck would have it this one decided to take off right in front of me